Promotional Route Pricing   Transactional Route Pricing
SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps) Price in INR Validity
25000 12 Paisa
3,000 Unlimited
50000 8 Paisa
4,000 Unlimited
1Lakh SMS
7 Paisa
7,000 Unlimited
5Lakh SMS
6 Paisa
30,000 Unlimited
SMS Pack Rate/SMS(Ps)
Price in INR Validity
25000 16 Paisa
4,000 Unlimited
50000 14 Paisa
7,000 Unlimited
1Lakh SMS 12 Paisa
12,000 Unlimited
5Lakh SMS 10 Paisa
50,000 Unlimited
Terms & Conditions
100% advance payment
Service tax 12.36% extra applicable.
Promotional sms Service 9am to 9pm (As per trai rules)
Transactional sms Service 24hr
All promotional SMS has to be DNC filtered as per TRAI Regulations
For Activation of Account Please mail us the details as under:
Name of the Concerned Person.
Authenticated Mobile number on which System Generated Password gets delivered.
Email ID.
Company Name with Full Billing Address.
Sender ID's which will flash on mobile.
Required package. Click Here
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